hello venus biker gang concept 2k14

"The Big Brother house is not a hotel, Jason."

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ninmiya said: Amber?

not even gonna act like amber isn’t my type bc amber is 100% my type lol

Anonymous said: "hello venus biker gang concept 2k14" what do you mean?

it’s a joke

Anonymous said: Hyeyeon

my *~bias~* in bestie. she’s sO cute she looks like a little chipmunk. she’s kind of weird but that’s part of her charm lol. before she showed her tattoo on instagram i was going crazy trying to figure out what it was. now that i know i sleep well at night lol

Anonymous said: Bae Woohee

she literally is one of the cutest girls to ever grace this planet. i am massively in love with woohee she’s just so weird and awkward and wonderful like just watch her during mcs she has the most messed up facial expressions what a little ray of sunshine lmao. i am literally so happy and thankful that woohee exists

decomotion said: Taeyeon

taeyeon is at the top of my overall bias list and my fav in snsd. i love her to bits despite some of the things she may have done. i also miss the pepero hair :(

Anonymous said: kemy

no idea who that is so i googled it and lmao

Anonymous said: Because of you did Chiaki, please do Misako! ^^

i like how in certain songs when misako sings you can hear her smile if that makes sense??? like it’s ridiculously cute and one of my favorite things about her like you can hear the emotion in her voice idk. she also just seems like she’s incredibly happy and genuinely enjoys what she does and i think that’s great.